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...fostering a birth experience that's filled with confidence, trust, excitement, and JOY...

Welcome to Danica Buss Birth Services!
Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, body, mind and spirit for the rest of your life.

Unwavering, evidence-based, encouraging support will pave the way for a positive, healthful experience that then impacts the remainder of your and your baby's lives.

I'm Danica, a birth doula, holistic health coach, and childbirth educator serving the Rochester, MN area.

I'm dedicated to supporting you with genuine, professional doula services by providing educational, emotional, and physical support, personalized for your and your family's needs.  I believe every woman should be thoroughly respected and supported during this exciting, vulnerable, beautiful time in her life.

I'm dedicated to my clients, and I look forward to supporting you.

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