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For all of my adult life, in various facets, I've provided care and support for children and families.  It was once my first son was born, however, that I became particularly passionate about the experience of pregnancy and birth and its lifelong effects - it was immediately placed on my heart to serve and support women in that same precious time of their lives.

My husband and I live in the Rochester area with our three sons (born in August 2015, March 2018, and March 2021).  We're a homeschooling family, and we love being outside in the sunshine, reading books, and watching the MN Twins play baseball. I believe Jesus is our savior, God is our creator, and despite living in this broken world, I trust that our female bodies are designed to grow new life and birth these beautiful miracles.


I know from my own personal experience just how life-altering pregnancy and birth is.  Becoming a mother, and experiencing the miracle of birth, transforms you like nothing else has or ever will. I'm passionate about supporting women (and their families) in making their experience positive and joyful, no matter the path it takes.  While pregnancy and birth are often emotional and messy, there's just nothing else in this world like it.  I do this work because I know that, when given the support and education women need and deserve, they will have exactly what it takes to beautifully bring their babies into the world, surrounded by encouragement, confidence, love, joy, respect, and peace.

Supporting you

in your journey of motherhood...

because your experience matters.

My Training

Certified Birth Doula

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Bachelor of Science - Teaching

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