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What Former Clients Are Saying About DBBS:

Leah T.

After a labor and delivery that was the opposite of what we wanted with our first child, my husband and I wanted a doula on our birth team that could help us do things differently during the birth of our second baby. Enter Danica.

Danica was wonderful to work with from the start, and ended up being such a critical piece of our team. She listened to our story, asking thoughtful questions about what we wanted and why this time around. She always checked in before appointments to make sure I knew what to expect and had no questions, and then again after to see how things went.

As our due date came and passed, she helped keep us steady, reminding us that each day our baby was growing and preparing to join us. I was fearful of an induction, but Danica was always there with positivity and reassurance that things would be different with this baby, even if we did end up having an induction.

A couple days before we were scheduled to induce, I woke up in labor. Danica helped me labor at home, navigate the decision making to get our toddler to daycare, and supported me when I was ready to go to the birth center. While laboring at the birth center, Danica was always ready with options for what we could try next and supported us in any way that was needed. We were only there a handful of hours before I had a beautiful, unmedicated waterbirth that was everything I could've asked for and more.

Our decision to hire Danica was one of the best we've ever made. Her passion, knowledge, and kindness makes her support unparalleled. If we decide to have another baby in the future, she'll definitely be hearing from us again!

Taylor & Jordan

After being induced with our first baby and adhering to the medical interventions that so routinely come with a hospital birth, I knew I wanted a more natural and personalized approach to my birth plan when we found out we were pregnant with our second baby. I was recommended Danica through my chiropractic care and am so thankful she was available to be there for us! From our prenatal appointments to a quicker labor and delivery than I expected, she was there talking me through each stage and informing me of benefits and side effects with each decision made. When labor got more intense and the hospital staff seemed excitable, Danica was a calm and peaceful presence in my corner. She gave me confidence in myself through her encouragement when I was doubting my capability as things got hard. Danica was a respectful advocate during and after birth, working through each intervention and decision. She was there to help our baby boy latch and feed right away and stuck around to help me transition to the postpartum unit after birth as well. My husband and I are both so grateful for her services and hope to work with her for future births, God willing.

Connie P.

Hiring Danica as our doula was a no-brainer for my husband and I. It was our first baby and we planned on a home birth. Danica provided support, encouragement, and information. Most importantly to me, she provided educational materials to help me prepare for birth and my husband to support me. She listened and asked leading questions so that she could support us in the best possible way! Leading up to labor she regularly checked in and reassured me my symptoms were normal. While in labor, she gave me the space I wanted and at the same time, the words of encouragement I needed. Danica kept my husband informed during labor so he could support me well. And after birth she continued to check in as I worked on breastfeeding issues, offering tips and tricks. Knowing she was on our birth team gave me confidence in our decisions She was the perfect addition to our amazing team! 

Shayla & Matt

Every time I tell my birth story, the first thing I say is “I couldn’t have done it without my husband and Danica.”

We were planning on having a home birth, but my water broke a month early. We had to switch plans and go to the hospital, and I ended up getting induced because contractions didn’t start naturally. 

This is where Danica played such a huge role. From telling me to feel all the feelings of not getting my home birth, to helping me physically and emotionally get through a pitocin labor without an epidural, and staying after the birth during all the commotion that comes with a hospital birth and helping with the overwhelm of that. 

We had already had most of our prenatal appointments before the turn of events, and I can’t say enough how amazing it was to have someone that I knew, constantly be there for me, and only me, amongst all the hospital staff that are continually coming and going. 

Having her to guide me through labor is the reason I’m proud of my birth story, even though it was far from what I envisioned. 

Wherever you plan on giving birth, I HIGHLY recommend having Danica there to support you too!

Jason & Bethany

We found out we were expecting Baby #2 in March 2020. Having had a cesarean birth experience with our first, we hoped to experience an unmedicated vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) with our second and were also considering the possibility of a homebirth; however, the idea of navigating a pregnancy and birth during a pandemic was overwhelming. We knew without a doubt that we needed to have an amazing birth team to help guide us through and support us each step of the way, and that’s where Danica enters our story. My words will not be able to convey the monumental support that Danica provided us as we prepared to meet our Little Peanut, but I will try my best. Danica answered countless questions always with a sweet, caring attitude. She recommended homebirth midwives who were willing to take on a VBAC homebirth, and then offered support and guidance through a change in plans when we risked out of a homebirth at 35+ weeks. She researched and provided us with many resources throughout the pregnancy: books, articles, videos, etc. I experienced prodromal labor with Baby ultimately waiting to make an appearance until 42 weeks! Because I never experienced labor with our first baby, Danica assured me time and time again that the prodromal labor was my body’s way of preparing for birth and labor would begin when baby and I were both ready. Due to COVID restrictions at our hospital, Danica was not able to be with us in person; however, she was ready-by-the- phone for us over the course of not just one, but two nights. Even without being at the hospital, Danica was such a strong advocate for us as we worked through each decision during labor and birth. Without her knowledge, support, and the confidence she helped us gain throughout the pregnancy, we may not have been able to experience the vaginal birth we truly desired because there was a lot of pressure from doctors to err on the side of safety and opt for a repeat cesarean. She checked in with us several times over the first few days after birth and the postpartum visit was such an important step in allowing us to process our birth experience. Danica truly played an integral part in helping us achieve the birth experience we hoped and prayed we would have, and for that reason and so many more, we highly recommend Danica Buss Birth Services.

Rachel T. 

As a doula myself I was very particular on who we would choose to support us during the birth of our first child. Danica was absolutely wonderful! We knew right when we met her she would be the right fit for both my husband and I. She was there for my very long labor with continued support, encouragement, hands on assistant and much more. Our experience would not have been the same without her, a doula is so !!worth the investment! She was also available to stop over a few days after our son arrived to help me with breastfeeding. My husband and I were both so thankful for her services!

Wyatt & Brooke 

Having a child is one of the hardest things a woman will have to do in her life, add on top of that wanting a non-medicated birth; we knew a solid birth team was very important. When we got pregnant with our baby, we knew we wanted a doula and found Danica! We have nothing but amazing things to say about her! Highly highly recommend hiring her as your doula. She walked us through every step of the way, from talking through questions we had during the pregnancy,  walking us through each stage of labor both at home during early labor and at the hospital once active labor started. She helped inform us the benefits or possible side effects of all things we were unsure about at the hospital. What we loved the most was how Danica prayed for us and our baby during the pregnancy and prayed with us during the labor. Giving birth is more than physically pushing out a baby, it involves a lot of mental and spiritual strength too. Danica gave us many pep talks and encouragement when we needed it most. She never over stepped my husband's role but added so much needed support for both of us. She went out of her way to rub my back and legs, which was very much appreciated during a very long labor. After our beautiful baby girl was born, Danica stuck around to help baby latch and feed. She answered any questions we had postpartum too.


Hands down the best experience of our lives! ️

Sarah & Jared 

Choosing to hire Danica Buss as our Birth Doula was one of the best and most important decisions we made during our pregnancy. I was given Danica’s name and information by recommendation, and as I look back, I realize it was an absolute gift. 


When we met with Danica the first time, Jared and I knew that she was going to be the perfect fit for our family. As we continued to work with and get to know her, we saw more and more how beneficial she would be and what an important role she would play for the birth of our daughter. Each in-home consultation with Danica was amazing, and something we genuinely looked forward to each time.  We gained insight, education, wisdom, and confidence through talking with her. As we walked through our ideal birth plan, wishes, expectations, etc., Danica listened and supported. She questioned, positively, not only to make sure she understood but to guide us into deeper learning and understanding, as well. She is so incredibly knowledgeable on all things pregnancy, baby, momma, family, health & wellness, and everything in between. We very quickly built a strong relationship with Danica that was based on a strong foundation of trust and support- two of the most important things a first-time momma needs during her pregnancy and beyond. 


With this being our second pregnancy and first baby, I had many feelings, emotions, and questions throughout each stage and each trimester. Danica was there every step of the way to help me navigate these things whether it was in person, through text, or over the phone.  She would make sure to check in with us every so often to see if we needed anything, and if so, she provided educational resources- books and video links, articles, etc. without any hesitation. As we got closer and closer to our due date, Danica was an immense help when I questioned even the smallest of labor signs. She was so responsive- always timely and insightful, proving again to be someone I knew I could count on. When it came for our delivery, Danica was by our sides every step of the way.  Because of the connection and relationship we had built together throughout my pregnancy, Danica could tell exactly where I was at and what I needed without me having to say a word- an amazing ability of hers and the biggest appreciation of mine. She was our anchor during our long, exhausting, difficult labor. Because of her calm demeanor, she was able to keep us focused and relaxed, as well. 


Our experience with Danica as our Birth Doula was phenomenal. She was a pivotal part of our story, and she will forever be looked at as a superhero in our eyes. Our story would’ve gone much differently if it weren’t for her, and knowing that, we are so thankful for her services!

Tamara H. 

Having Danica for support throughout pregnancy, labor, and post-partum was the best decision my husband and I made. Danica was very resourceful during pregnancy and provided education and educational material about pregnancy, labor and delivery. I went into labor feeling prepared (as much as you can be), supported, and most importantly I wasn’t scared, I was excited! Probably like most other women, I thought labor was just something natural and that I would just know what to do during labor. However I did not feel it was very natural after going through my first labor and I had no idea what to do during labor. Additionally, my husband felt just as clueless on how to help me during labor. I felt there had to be a better way to experience birth. Even though my first labor ended with a beautiful baby, I was not happy with how my labor had gone. My best comparison for this is that you don’t run a marathon without training and for me preparing for labor by having Danica as my doula, gave me my best birth outcome. Danica was a great support not only to me but she also assisted my husband in supporting me. Even though my birth story with my second was still not exactly what I wanted, I felt so much better about my second labor and was so much happier with how everything went that it even improved my entire post-partum journey. My only regret was not having Danica for my first pregnancy, labor and delivery. I can never thank Danica enough for everything she did to support my pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Adam H. 

I would definitely recommend hiring Danica as your doula. She was great from our first meeting through post pregnancy. I found her especially helpful while we were birthing at home and her guidance as to “when to go in” as my wife wanted to birth at home for as long as possible and I was fearful of delivering at home. Also, during the labor there were many times that I didn’t know what to say or do and she was able to step in and help comfort my wife and progress labor. She was a great resource for us throughout and we were very glad we made the choice to hire her.

Jordan S. 

Danica was the perfect addition to the birthing team of our second child. We had a home birth with our oldest and due to insurance changes decided to go with the birthing center at OMC for our second. I was nervous going into the birth that I would not be able to have the intervention free birth like I was wanting. In our meetings with Danica prior to the birth, she listened to my concerns and we talked about strategies to make my wish a reality. My husband was initially skeptical and thought because we had done this before we wouldn’t need a doula. His mind quickly changed when we found out in the middle of our pregnancy we would be moving states after our son was born. He actually had to leave to start work in Iowa before our son was born. Danica ended up being the one who drove me to the hospital! Danica was a rock throughout my labor for both support and knowledge. With every option that was given to us, she explained the pros and cons. With her help we were able to have the intervention free birth we were hoping for! 

I would highly recommend that anyone giving birth get a doula, even if they have given birth before because every birth is different. When looking for a doula be sure to find one who is as caring and knowledgeable as Danica. 

Kate J.

My spouse and I were new in the area during our third trimester and nervous about navigating birth in a completely new environment and hospital system.  We connected with Danica first through email and then in person before we decided on her as our Doula.  She immediately helped to put us at ease with her encouraging and supportive personality.  She was willing to support us in our fears and questions as we approached the birth of our child and also willing to help us navigate the hospital system.  I had no idea what I really wanted my birth plan to be at first but she provided me with different books I could read to help me think through what was important to me.  She listened to my spouse and I as we shared our struggles with conceiving and how important this birth was to us.  As our due date approached, she was available for all of our questions about what was happening with my body and how to know if and when labor was starting.  When we requested her to meet us at the hospital, she showed up calm and ready to help us welcome our child into the world.  She spent the whole night present with us while I labored.  She listened to me, supported me, encouraged me, and helped my spouse to be present in the way we both deeply desired.  I never felt alone in the process and she continued to help us feel informed and prepared every step of the way.  My spouse and I both agree that hiring a doula, especially Danica, was the best money that we spent the entire pregnancy.  She helped me achieve the unmedicated, natural birth that I desired (although she would have helped me achieve whatever birth plan I desired).  She helped me not just physically but also to keep my focus emotionally and spiritually in the way I desired so that I could have my entire self focused on the birth process.  I honestly would not be willing to go through the birth process again without a doula.  In a time when I really needed someone to help us in this new stage of life, Danica was able to listen, support, encourage, and educate just as we needed.  If we are lucky enough to have another pregnancy, we would definitely hire her again.

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