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Jordan S. 

Danica was the perfect addition to the birthing team of our second child. We had a home birth with our oldest and due to insurance changes decided to go with the birthing center at OMC for our second. I was nervous going into the birth that I would not be able to have the intervention free birth like I was wanting. In our meetings with Danica prior to the birth, she listened to my concerns and we talked about strategies to make my wish a reality. My husband was initially skeptical and thought because we had done this before we wouldn’t need a doula. His mind quickly changed when we found out in the middle of our pregnancy we would be moving states after our son was born. He actually had to leave to start work in Iowa before our son was born. Danica ended up being the one who drove me to the hospital! Danica was a rock throughout my labor for both support and knowledge. With every option that was given to us, she explained the pros and cons. With her help we were able to have the intervention free birth we were hoping for! 

I would highly recommend that anyone giving birth get a doula, even if they have given birth before because every birth is different. When looking for a doula be sure to find one who is as caring and knowledgeable as Danica. 


Danica was always available for me to ask any questions. We notified her when we were headed to the hospital (I had an induction scheduled) and we discussed a time for her to come. After Danica arrived we touched base as to where I was at, what I was thinking, and if I had any questions. I felt very prepared from our prenatal meetings as to what my expectations were and to make sure that I had a voice in my labor process. At every point Danica helped to explain anything I had questions on as well as making sure my hospital team knew what my expectations were. She was able to keep me motivated as my contractions got stronger and not get worked up. I felt very calm the entire labor. I had planned on having a non-medicated birth, but with my induction I decided to get an epidural. Danica really became my voice and let me know that it was ok to change my birth plan. She really helped to keep me from worrying.I didn’t know what to expect honestly. My goal was to have a healthy baby at the end of my labor (which I did). I feel like having someone with Danica’s experience and training was helpful for us. She was able to give me options of changing laboring positions, making sure I stayed hydrated, and keeping me motivated. I think that Danica was extremely helpful for my husband as well. As first time parents neither my husband or myself knew what we were doing and Danica helped us every step along the way. After this experience I would definitely get a doula again.

Kate J.

My spouse and I were new in the area during our third trimester and nervous about navigating birth in a completely new environment and hospital system.  We connected with Danica first through email and then in person before we decided on her as our Doula.  She immediately helped to put us at ease with her encouraging and supportive personality.  She was willing to support us in our fears and questions as we approached the birth of our child and also willing to help us navigate the hospital system.  I had no idea what I really wanted my birth plan to be at first but she provided me with different books I could read to help me think through what was important to me.  She listened to my spouse and I as we shared our struggles with conceiving and how important this birth was to us.  As our due date approached, she was available for all of our questions about what was happening with my body and how to know if and when labor was starting.  When we requested her to meet us at the hospital, she showed up calm and ready to help us welcome our child into the world.  She spent the whole night present with us while I labored.  She listened to me, supported me, encouraged me, and helped my spouse to be present in the way we both deeply desired.  I never felt alone in the process and she continued to help us feel informed and prepared every step of the way.  My spouse and I both agree that hiring a doula, especially Danica, was the best money that we spent the entire pregnancy.  She helped me achieve the unmedicated, natural birth that I desired (although she would have helped me achieve whatever birth plan I desired).  She helped me not just physically but also to keep my focus emotionally and spiritually in the way I desired so that I could have my entire self focused on the birth process.  I honestly would not be willing to go through the birth process again without a doula.  In a time when I really needed someone to help us in this new stage of life, Danica was able to listen, support, encourage, and educate just as we needed.  If we are lucky enough to have another pregnancy, we would definitely hire her again.


Danica was constantly available through text and phone before we needed her at the hospital. When we asked her to be at the hospital, she was prompt in arriving to our room. She was attentive while with us in the hospital. She helped us talk through important decisions that we needed to make during labor and the whole birth process. She gave hands on help with massage and breathing techniques and she was there for emotional support when a C section was needed.  She exceeded our expectations! We were very impressed with her knowledge and ideas for our birth process.

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